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D-day 'Pegasus Dawn' Framed

D-day 'Pegasus Dawn' Framed

Shortly after D-Day, the free movement of Allied troops over the Caen Canal heralds a significant triumph in the campaign to liberate Normandy. Just days before, in the early hours of 6 June, elements of the British 6th Airborne Division captured the strategically important Bénouville bridge, later renamed Pegasus after their flying horse emblem. 

From the moment the Battle of Britain was over, the Allies had planned for the invasion that would liberate Europe from the tyranny of Hitler’s thuggish Reich. On 6 June 1944 those plans were put into practice on the beaches of Normandy when the world witnessed the largest amphibious landings ever seen.

To commemorate the fierce battles throughout the campaign, Simon’s masterful piece portrays the scene a few days after D-Day.

Framed to full conservation standards to include a museum-quality reproduction 6th Airborne Pegasus patch, and to add further authenticity to this edition the print carries the signatures of ELEVEN British veterans:

  • Sergeant 'TICH' RAYNER
  • Private CHARLIE HILL
  • Corporal DOUG PARKER
  • Trooper DON WALKER
  • Private BERT COOPER

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